Scars, nearly all of us have at least one scar that we would love to lighten and or remove without having the inconvenience of lengthy treatments or downtime and financial responsibility. The use of PurSil® will allow patients to achieve, beautiful, natural scar correction that doesn’t require in-office treatments, downtime, or discomfort.

What is PurSil®?

PurSil® is a medical grade silicone based scar gel that when used correctly can effectively treat scars old and new. Created with innovative technology PurSil®  combines the benefits of silicone elastomers and polyether urethanes to create a gel that is flexible, safe, and completely biocompatible.

How Does it Work?

PurSil® is to be applied to the scarred area the patient wants to treat at least once a day (nighttime is recommended). As this product is absorbed by the skin, it creates an occlusion in the scarred area. This occlusion is a safe space where the scar tissue can begin to hydrate and mature. Collagen synthesis occurs, simultaneously correcting the scar both physiologically and cosmetically with consistent nightly use.

What are the Benefits of Scar Revision with PurSil®?

PurSil® scar gel offers a broad variety of unique benefits. While there are a number of treatments available today for scar revision these treatments to some may be painful, uncomfortable or time consuming to undergo.

With PurSil®, patients can gradually improve the appearance of their scars with ease in a cost effective and clinically proven manner. The technology of the gel gradually heals scars from the inside out so that patients can take comfort in their investment. Results obtained are permanent and long lasting, not just a band aid or short acting cover up.

What can I Expect from daily use of PurSil®?

Typically, patients begin to see positive results 21 days after beginning to use this product. Optimal results are usually achieved after two or three months of regular, daily application.

Is PurSil® good for post-surgical scarring?

For patients healing from undergoing surgeries and or medical procedures, we advise starting the use of the gel until after wounds/incisions have fully healed. We recommend using PurSil®, to enhance your post-surgical results as it can aid in the scar healing process. Not only with scars be less red and raised in appearance, but scars will become less visible and apparent over time.